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Convert a TFA/La Crosse OMO-M-05/TX58UN-IT to TX58-IT and viceversa

Saturday, October 15th, 2016

I owned both a WS28xx weather station for US and EU market.

The US station works at  915Mhz but the thermo hygro and the receiver was defective.

Now the rain sensor of my EU unit doesn’t work any more.. With the help of a rtl-SDR adapter, I’vee the confirmation that the rain gauge of my US unit still works at 915 mhz.

I compared both the circuit, and they were similar (with the exception of some component that the EU unit had to charge alkaline batteries using solar panel). The only real difference is a soldering point that on the EU unit is shorted.

In the following photo you see the point to solder to make an US unit to work at 868Mhz.

It seems that the thermo hydro  have a similar point.. I hope to find some spare time to give a look to this circuit again…

GruppoGreenPower, statene alla larga

Friday, July 4th, 2014

Ho acquistato un coupon di GruppoGreenPower per il rilascio di un attestato di prestazione energetica.

A distanza di 4 mesi dalla prenotazione si è fatto avanti solo un consulente commerciale che ha raccolto i dati in maniera approssimativa, ma con lo scopo principale di vendere servizi, ma non è mai arrivato l’attestato.

In compenso hanno marcato il coupon come utilizzato e rilasciato fattura commerciale per un servizio non goduto..


Hello world!

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

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